Best Places to Visit in Cuba

Hola chicos y chicas! Como estas? Today we are going to talk about best places to visit in Cuba and a few “all inclusive” vacations beach resorts recommendations, if I may. Anyway, I will do it, because it’s “ma place” … just joking. 😉

Undoubtedly, Cuba is one of the most mesmerizing places in the world.

Starting from extraordinary tourist attractions to the lush greenery, trying out the coffee at Sierra Escambray, dancing at your heart’s content in the nightclubs to following the footsteps of revolutionary Che Guevara.

There is nothing that this amazing place doesn’t have.

Every traveler is going to find something in Cuba that will make their journey worth remembering. If you have plans to visit this extraordinary tourist destination, let us share some of the best places to visit in Cuba.


Established in 1519, it is one of the most remarkable cities of the new world. Surrounded by astounding monuments crafted in unique and intricate architectural styles representing different eras.

From the colonial mansions crafted in classical designs to the stunning art Nouveau and the modernist structures. It will be good if you can spare at least 3 days for a tour of Havana.

There are three primary districts in Havana. They are Habana Vieja, Centro Habana, and Vadedo.

The best place to start is Habana Vieja. It has got beautifully crafted cobblestone plazas, century-old palaces and numerous other intriguing sites to visit.

Don’t miss out on the primary visiting places that include Parque Central, Prado, the Capitolio and the exquisite Gran Teatro.


The street life of Havana is gritty due to its dense population, especially the Centro Habana. It is located just west to the Habana Vieja. Also, there are a few formal tourist sites here, the best part is the location. This comprises some of the most exquisite private restaurants in Havana.

Your trip to Havana cannot be complete without checking out the superbly scenic Malecon seafront boulevard. One more thing you can do is if you visit this place on weekends, you get to dance on the beats of Afro-Cuban rhythms at the Callejon de Hamel. It is also called Salvador’s Alley.

Other activities include a visit to a cigar factory or you can splurge in for a night at the Tropicana outdoor cabaret. If you want, you can also explore the Museo Ernest Hemingway. The author’s home is located outside the city.

Hotel Nacional

You just cannot forget the mobster era hotels like the Hotel Nacional, the Hotel Riviera or Hotel Habana Libre. These mobster – era hotels will make your stay a lot more thrilling.

By the way – with more than 80 years of history – Hotel Nacional de Cuba is like a country- wide emblem. Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra were only a few celebrities that stayed there.


Another unique tourist attraction in Cuba is the Varadero beaches. It includes a large strip of

stunning beaches sublimely spread over a region of 20 kilometers.

Don’t worry about your stay because you will find more than 50 all-inclusive resorts.

Once you cross the drawbridge, Varadero gets separated from all the commotion, hustle, and bustle of the town and brings you to complete serenity.

Succumb to the complete solitude of sun, sea, and sand. Among the magnificent beaches and the natural beauty of Varadero, you will find a plethora of activities.

Those who can leave the striking blue seas and crystal-clear sand, they can visit the crystal- encrusted caves, beautiful natural parks, and even opt for a close-up dolphin encounter as well.


The animal lovers can straight up visit Delfinario. Here you get to kiss and cuddle with dolphins. The experience starts with a show. Then it follows an optional dolphin encounter within an enclosed saltwater lagoon.

You can meet them one by one, swim through the water with them and then participate in numerous fun tricks with these creatures.

Another great activity while traveling to Varadero is scuba diving in Cayo Piedra underwater park. It is one of the best activities that can add thrill to your trip to Cuba.

You get to see some military equipment underwater (probably used in first or second world wars), a variety of water vessels including yachts, missile launching equipment, boats, and an airplane.

All these were deliberately sunk for creating an artificial reef.


Some of the best hotels and resorts of Varadero include the below, not exactly in a particular order:

  • Iberostar Varadero; Barcelo Solymar;
  • Sol Palmeras; Paradisus Resort & Spa;
  • Ocean Vista Azul; Ocean El Patriarca;
  • Be Live Experience Las Morlas; Royalton Hicacos.


It is a three-hour drive to the west of Havana, the Valle de Vinales brings you the most spectacular scenic beauty of Cuba.

The unique feature of this tourist spot is being surrounded by mogotes; these are free- standing formations of limestone that rise from the valley floor.

Those who are looking for solitude, this is going to be the ideal location for them.


The thatched tobacco drying sheds add calmness to the visitors’ senses. You have the feeling of being transported more than a century behind in time.

It has recently become one of the centers of fun and adventure activities that include zip lining to ATV tours. There are three particular hotels that cater to tourist groups.

But if you want to experience something different then you can opt for Casas particulares (private B&Bs) for intimate accommodations.

Jardines del Rey

Connected with bridges, this place is also known as the “Garden of Kings”. Beautifully interconnected by a chain of bridges, the places include excellent islands like Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Coco, Cayo Paredon Grande, and Cayo Romano.


The unique factor of this location is that it was not a tourist destination until the 90s, when the first hotel was built and the islands were connected through bridges, that is when it started drawing attention.

Cayo Coco is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of this location in Cuba.

Maria la Gorda

This might be located in the far western tip of Cuba but this small town has got a lot to offer. The primary reason it is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Cuba is that it is the best diving destination in the Caribbean.

If you are a scuba diver, then you will be awestruck by the beauty of the location.

The marine life underwater is rich and there are regular trips departing from Marina. A lot of visitors opt for an all-inclusive package combining accommodation, diving, and dining in one consolidated price.

You can also opt for snorkeling trips. Even though these trips are less common than diving excursions.

I trust …

that at least I have made you a little bit more curious with this short glimpse about this Caribbean jewel.


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