The Best Lake Garda Things To Do

Another planet entirely is Lake Garda. It is formed like a ladle stretching up into the mountains and is located in the heart of Northern Italy. Compared to the rest of the region, the climate is milder in the towns and villages that line the lake. You can stroll along the lake’s edge while surrounded by palm trees, olive orchards, and lemon trees. Moving on, let’s look at the Lake Garda things to do for those who love the outdoors, adventure, and culture, starting with the northern bank of the lake (since it’s my favorite!) and moving southward.

I cherish Lake Garda. It is the largest and most varied lake in Italy. It lacks Lake Maggiore’s opulent aura, the manicured beauty of Lake Como, and the mysterious, secluded sense of Lake Orta.

On Lake Garda, there are so many sights to explore, though, that you’ll never be stuck for ideas. The Lake Garda coasts offer something for everyone, from windswept shores to wine tasting and Roman ruins, from adventurous sports to unusual diversions like touring poet D’Annunzio’s opulent mansion.

You may easily go by train to Desenzano and Peschiera, on the lake’s southern bank, from Milan in under one hour. From there, traveling by bus or ferry between villages is simple.

1. Bardolino

On the Verona side of Lake Garda, at its widest point, lies a charming village called Bardolino. A wine tasting tour is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon in the summer because it is most recognized for being the hub of the Bardolino wine area. The trademark wine of the Garda region, Bardolino, was already well-known during the Roman era.

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On your visit to Bardolino town, you can explore many vineyards and cellars. You can either go on a daylong wine tasting trip with a group or go off on your own by car or bicycle. You might even schedule your visit to coincide with the town’s annual wine festival in September, which is a terrific experience for wine enthusiasts, if you get there right after the summer.

2. Gardaland

On the southeasterly shore of Lake Garda lies a sizable amusement park called Gardaland. It is the largest amusement resort complex in Italy and one of the most well-known theme parks in all of Europe. The entire family can have fun on its extensive selection of roller coasters, water rides, and magic shows.


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The SEA LIFE Aquarium and LEGOLAND Water Park, two of the complex’s most significant attractions, are the most well-liked areas of the park. Even if going to the part is one of the nicest things to do in Lake Garda during the summer, you’ll frequently have to deal with huge lines for the rides during this time. If you would rather spend the night, Gardaland also has its own hotel with themed rooms and characters roaming the hallways.

3. Scaligero Castle

The historical district of Sirmione is home to the 13th-century stronghold known as Scaligero Castle. One of Italy’s best-preserved fortresses, it was initially constructed to protect the port town’s entrance. The major entrance to the historic center is still the drawbridge.

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4. Monte Baldo

Along the eastern shore of Lake Garda, the Monte Baldo mountain range, a section of the Italian Alps, may be seen. The most well-liked method of taking in the mountains is to ride a cable car (with rotating cabins) from Malcesine town to the top. In just a few minutes, it soars 1,800 meters in altitude.


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Go hiking on trails that leave from the peak during the summer. There are many different pathways, from simple strolls to strenuous excursions. You can eat and drink after touring at the restaurant located at the cable car station.

5. Boat trip to Riva del Garda


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It is a well-liked destination for day trips by boat or ferry from bigger towns like Limone or Malcesine.

The stunning fjord-like views and dramatic mountain backdrop make this northern region of the lake the greatest place to take a boat ride.

You can find additional helpful details here – about ferries and boat trips between main cities.

One can spend the day enjoying the fantastic restaurants and shops in Riva’s old town.

You can also visit the fort beside the river or the historic Venetian clock tower that towers over the old town. Along the main routes, ferries and boats run frequently during the summer. For short visits, prices start at just a few euros.

6. Jamaica Beach

One of the busiest beaches on Lake Garda is Jamaica Beach. It is located immediately below the Catullo Caves archaeological site at the very tip of the Sirmione town peninsula. It’s a special beach since its expanse is in smooth stones rather than soft sand and emerald water that is crystal clear. In the summer, you can have a seat on the submerged stones in the water to unwind and cool down.

You must navigate through the Catullo Caves site and descend to the peninsula’s tip in order to get to Jamaica Beach. Expect a large throng to share the water with you since it is one of the top summer activities at Lake Garda.

7. Windsurfing in Torbole

Water activities are particularly well-liked in the town of Torbole, which is located on Lake Garda’s extreme northern shore. Torbole’s beach is one of the best in Italy for windsurfing and sailing thanks to the ideal wind conditions there.

Many of Lake Garda’s villages are crowded with tourists in the summer as they wait to partake in the variety of aquatic activities. Torbole, however, is the ideal location for windsurfing by both novice and expert surfers.

With windsurfing schools swarming the Torbole beach, it’s simple to locate instruction and equipment rental. Even if you’re a complete beginner.

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