Luminescent Bay Puerto Rico

Just to be clear. To have a truly wonderful and spectacular tour, the first thing you need to do is find a luminescent bay in Puerto Rico.

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Puerto Rico is a self-governing commonwealth of the United States. It is located in the Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic.

Just like all Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise that welcomes tourists with unbelievably beautiful beaches and plenty of activities to engage in.

As you can imagine, you can go scuba-diving and snorkeling, but you can enjoy more extreme water sports as well.


Before you travel to Puerto Rico, you need to see whether or not you need a visa to access the islands. The visa policy of Puerto Rico is the same as with the United States, so things are pretty clear.

First of all, five countries are given general visa exemption, which means that their citizens can enter Puerto Rico without a visa and without any kind of pre-approval.

At the same time, 38 countries are visa-exempt as a part of the visa waiver program.

Nevertheless, for the 38 nationalities it is required to obtain an ESTA before departure – they can stay on US soil for up to 90 days.

All the other nationalities are required to get a visa at the nearest US embassy.

More details you can find below:

Puerto Rico Visas FAQ

Puerto Rico Visa and Passport requirements

Puerto Rico: Explore The Best It Has To Offer!

In Puerto Rico, there are a number of places worth visiting. Arecibo Observatory, the Gulf of Mosquito Bay, Vieques Island are among the most popular attractions of the country.

There’s no doubt that the capital city of San Juan is rightly considered as one of the most interesting historic places of Puerto Rico. It is famous for its colonial past.

Across the north side of Old San Juan, you can see stretches of stone walls that form a strong defensive system. The passing of time kept the remains of these structures very well-preserved.

You can also see the fragments of the city walls and El Morro and San Cristobal shafts.

They will give you the hint about the original grandeur of this castle. Even to this date, Old San Juan seems young and well-preserved, where it will soon celebrate its 500th anniversary.

One of the most impressive religious monuments on the island decorates the capital of the country.

This is the Cathedral of San Juan, a genuine and rare example of medieval architecture.

The next important city is Ponce. It is the second largest city in Puerto Rico and is very interesting due to the charming atmosphere of a rich colonial city.

It has a beautiful historic area that is decorated with the houses of the old architecture and an elegant church.

Another must visit is The Ionospheric Observatory in Arecibo which is one of the most important experimental centers. Here you will get to see the largest radio telescope in the world.

Funded by the University of Cornwall and the U.S. government, it used to search for extraterrestrial life.

You can also check out the first-class museum of science and space, located right under the impressive dish telescope.


Puerto Rico excursions

The second largest island of Puerto Rico, Vieques, is located to the west of the main island and belongs to the Virgin Islands.

This island has unique coves and beaches that make it a great place for diving, snorkeling or simply walking in a rowboat.

Thanks to its geographical position and the climate, the bay of Vieques is one of the most bio luminescent bays in the world.

You can also visit the National Reserve of El Yunque which is also known as ‘The Anvil’. This is one of the largest reserves of tropical forests, preserving intact primeval nature of Puerto Rico.

It is just a two-hour drive from San Juan. Here you can enjoy a walk through the rain forest trails, go to a waterfall or just relax in the pristine nature.

The next place is Culebrita Island, which is located in the north-west of Puerto Rico.

It is a small coral island, that is only 1 mile in length. Here you can see some great beaches, especially the Flamenco Beach.

The clear water is washing the white sandy beaches with a blue tint, which creates the image of a tropical paradise.

One of the main attractions of the island is Playa Tortuga. The sea turtles that use its sands for laying their eggs gave the name to this magnificent piece of heaven.

The Bio Luminescent Bay Puerto Rico:

Visiting the Bioluminescent Bay is one of the most amazing and must do things in Puerto Rico. All thanks to its rare ecosystem.

You can do a number of interesting tourist attractions and activities on the island, however, considering touring a “bio bay” – another name to call them. This is for sure one of the unique things to do in Puerto Rico.

This is an environment which you cannot find just anywhere.

For this very reason, exploring the bio luminescent bay is one of the top tourist attractions on various travel review sites.

To give you a little background on why this is fairly unique, let’s cover some science first.


What is bioluminescence

Bioluminescence can occur in many species – like for example, think of the common firefly. It can also occur in aquatic animals such as cuttlefish and squid.

Now, a bio luminescent bay is an ideal habitat for the flourishing of microscopic dinoflagellate plankton. Most of them emit a bluish light as a defense mechanism when agitated.

Now, these habitats can occur in various locations at different times of the year, however, very few locations are ideal habitats year-round. The bio luminescent bay in Puerto Rico is such a location.

Now, visiting the island of Puerto Rico and not visiting the “Bio Bays” is quite similar to going to Rome and missing the Colosseum.

This is one of the best experiences to take advantage of while you are in Puerto Rico.

In order to have the best experience, you must take an evening kayak tour. The main bio-bay on the island is called Laguna Granda.

You can reach it from Fajardo by paddling through a narrow mangrove-lined channel.

Usually there are two tours. The later one offers a darker environment against which to see the bio luminescent plankton.

The earlier tour offers enough light to see the amazing mangroves and enjoy the last light of the sunset.

Please keep in mind that you cannot swim in order to preserve the delicate chemical balance of the bay.

No more waiting

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