St Maarten & Barbados: Fairytale Beaches

At least once in a lifetime, make a change of your usual getaways with these fairytale beaches. I will choose anytime St Maarten and Barbados for my all-year round escapes but below I will also tell you why.

St Maarten or as the French call it Saint Martin is actually a Caribbean island that’s split into two. While the first half is occupied by France that is known as Saint Martin, the other part is Dutch Sint Maarten.

On the other hand, Barbados island has become a prominent spot for a lovely vacation. Despite its small size, it has a lot of things to offer. If you are looking for a wonderful vacation then this can be an ideal choice.

St Maarten

St. Maarten

You must know that there are a number of reasons to check the St Maarten out. Being a Caribbean island, it boasts a unique and enchanting mix of cultures. One hand you have the sophisticated French cuisine and fashion and on the other side you have the laid-back, carefree Dutch way of life.

All of these are mixed together in a beautiful Caribbean landscape. Over the years, the island is becoming very well-known among tourists for its beautiful white sand beaches and the stunning verdant cliffs.

Also, you get wonderful sea views from its grand hotels.

Attractions of the island

  • Thanks to the island’s Dutch and French heritage, it has an enviable variety of shopping destinations. From open-air markets selling all sorts of eclectic treasures to designer stores, you can find them all.

Also, you can have some mouthwatering cuisine where the French and Dutch tastes combine with Caribbean cooking.

  • It also boasts a fascinating history as it has seen many rulers like the British, French and the Dutch, after finally settling into a French-Dutch settlement.

You can read this exciting history as it is referenced in many St Maarten folktales, along with many interesting and sometimes amusing twists!

There are few differences also between the French and the Dutch versions of the tales.

  • This island is completely different from being your typical Caribbean holiday spot. It contains a number of unique quirks and differences that truly make it stand out.

But apart from the rich culture, cuisine and long history, there is a unique point of interest for tourists and Instagramers.

This is the very beach that is situated 1 street away to its airport. It became very popular in the last years.


You can do a quick search on YouTube for this beach and you can check out the videos filmed by excited tourists as planes soar over their heads!

  • Lastly, the Dutch influence of St Maarten’s lends it a welcoming, tolerant culture. It makes it a fine vacation spot for travelers of all kinds.

From families to singles to LGBT couples, everybody can enjoy it here without any worries.

The island even holds a number of popular nudist beaches for those who may find the Caribbean heat too hot to handle!

So, if you are planning a vacation this year, you can definitely add St Maarten to your list of places to consider.

Be it exploring, a historic place or just soaking up the culture or just relaxing on a beautiful beach, St Maarten has a lot to offer.


Most of the travelers around the world envision a vacation to Barbados full of sun, beach and nightlife along the south and west coasts.

However, in reality, there are many other fun activities that you can do on this beautiful quiet little island in the Caribbean Sea.

A perfect vacation to Barbados must include a visit to some key attractions the island has to offer.

It will undoubtedly result in a fun-filled and exciting trip for you and your family.

  • You must decide which are island activities and local attractions you wish to visit before arriving.

This will save a lot of time as it is better to plan ahead of time.

The clothing you will need, what resources and how much time you will need to allocate for these attractions, all can be sorted during your vacation.


Below I am listing 3 of the most exciting Barbados tourist attractions that you should visit during your vacation.

Barbados Island Safari:

This is quickly becoming one of the most popular Barbados tourist attractions. It offers visitors an exciting and extensive tour of the coasts and interior of the island.

The Barbados Island Safaris give you an island tour in the open backs of 4×4 jeep Land Rovers. It will take you just about anywhere on the island.

Even the most remote and inaccessible regions of Barbados will be in reach.

During the entire trip expect your guide to keep you entertained while explaining the geography, history, culture, folklore of Barbados. This will be more than a simply educated guess about this Caribbean island.

Here you can spend a lot of time taking pictures and creating memories during the tour.

One of the most preferred stops along the tour is a visit to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, where you can take part in the feeding of the island’s monkeys.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve:

This Barbados Wildlife Reserve is much better than your typical western zoo.

It is home to a variety of tropical animals, some of which you may never have seen before, and is a highlight with visiting kids and young children.

You will get a close interaction with the island’s animals in their own natural environment and habitat.

A close face-to-face interaction with Bajan monkeys and colorful Peacock birds are among the attractions.

Some non-native Caribbean animals have been also introduced to the reserve.


Barbados Surfing Lessons:

Of course, an island water adventure should be part of every visitor’s travel itinerary. Barbados surfing lessons are probably the most popular water attraction in Barbados.

Alongside windsurfing and kite surfing, people often visit the island solely to enjoy the ocean.

If you want a little more adventure in the water than just swimming, these Barbados surfing lessons are available year-round. The island’s consistent swell conditions are the main reason.

There is a good deal of surf lesson operators to choose from, including Zed’s Surfing Adventures and Surf Barbados.

They will be teaching you the basics of surfing at Freights Bay, the island’s most popular beginner surf break.


at last …

Best for last – white sands and crystal blue or green deep waters are the best ingredients Caribbean beaches are most renowned for. So, as usual, I do not know what are you waiting for? 😉

Just pack your bags and get ready to enjoy a wonderful vacation at St Maarten and Barbados. No more concerns, just FREE your mind!

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