Where to Eat in Istanbul Right Now

Istanbul, with its crowded streets, delectable cuisine, and intriguing culture, is one of the most distinctive and dynamic cities in the world. If you’re looking where to eat in Istanbul, look no further—we’ve got you covered! This thriving metropolis is home to some of the best eateries in the entire world.

There is a superb restaurant in Istanbul for everyone, from fine-dining and trendy spots with an excellent gourmet vibe that will satisfy your taste buds, all the way down to basic Turkish meals created by knowledgeable local chefs who have built their name through time.

In this blog article, we’ll examine some of the city’s top eateries and discover what makes them unique. So read on for our list of the top 6 restaurants in Istanbul, whether you’re a tourist there or just seeking for ideas for your next dinner!

1. Yeni Lokanta

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Yeni Lokanta is an avant-garde dining concept located on a side street of Istiklal Street and surrounded by attractions. A minimum of once must be spent sampling the delectable tasting menu they offer. 

You can find some amazing items in the meze part of the menu. If you’re searching for a cuisine that’s nutritious, the green salad is fantastic. The broccoli is perfectly, and the walnuts and apples give some bite.

It’s hard to resist the dish of Mersin prawns with almond sauce, smoked celeriac, and zaatar (wild thyme). It prepares the audience for the magnificent buffalo milk ice cream, which is freshly in the establishment. The manti, Turkish beef dumplings served with creamy yogurt, is just one of the surprises on the tasting menu.

2. A’jia Restaurant

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A’jia is a restaurant in the style of a chateau that appears to be the location for the upcoming James Bond movie. For those seeking a different atmosphere, its expertly cooked Mediterranean cuisine is a great option. 

A’jia will quickly become your new favorite restaurant in Istanbul if you enjoy Mediterranean flavors. They have something for every appetite on their large menu, which features appetizers like swordfish casserole or bistecca alla fiorentina as well as main meals like risotto with shrimp and some dessert for good measure. It complements the Sevilen Centum Syrah perfectly because it is stuffed with dried pork and mushrooms.

This hotel-based restaurant on Istanbul’s Asian side also serves one of the city’s best breakfasts by the Bosphorus, which is a sublime experience. Simply take a sip of your tea or coffee and enjoy the soothing sounds of the seagulls. There are numerous breakfast options in A’jia. The Turkish meal or the American breakfast can be perfect for you if you like everything. In its place, options include homemade granola, French toast, omelets, and Turkish omelets (menemen).

3. Neolokal

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The phrase “neolokal” is a neologism that combines the words “neo” (new) and “local,” therefore it’s not surprising that renowned chef Maksut Aşkar is devotedly updating the traditional flavors of his mother. 

Each meal is a work of art, and it’s impossible not to fall in love. The braised root veggies will bring a grin to your face even if you are not a vegetarian. Moreover, it will be much simpler for you to meet your 5-a-day requirements with six different fruits and veggies.

With bean salad, lavash (naan), and salad, Mom’s Meatballs are an amazing joy. The frigo, a tea-smoked frozen ganache bar with popcorn ice cream and raspberry powder, will truly take your breath away. There isn’t a dessert like it anywhere else. They do provide taster meals if you have trouble deciding.

4. Chalet

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The Dolmabahçe Palace, one of Istanbul’s most stunning palaces, is just a short stroll from a restaurant in the Swissotel style of a Swiss chalet. The Bosphorus serves foods with a Swiss influence that you would not have realized existed, such as rösti potatoes, späetzle, and delicious chocolate desserts. 

Without cheese, what would a Swiss restaurant be? There are three options for a raclette plate and two cheese fondues. You can choose between a decadent chocolate fondue and a light raspberry Swiss roll for dessert. In any case, Chalet is one of Istanbul’s top restaurants and the greatest choice for a memorable evening.

5. Summit Bar & Terrace

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There is nothing more relaxing than sipping on the Caramel Apple Pie mocktail while taking in the breathtaking views of Istanbul’s skyline. The Kiss from a Rose cocktail, which contains rose wine, Chambord, and lemonade, may blow wine enthusiasts away. The menu is available in both Turkish and English if you’re unsure about which beverage to select. Furthermore, the drink’s flavor and atmosphere are hinted at on the menu. 

Also no joke is the food. Pineapple and chile pepper are used as flavorings in the Cuban salmon a la plancha. Additionally, potato puree is included. Asian food lovers may try the delicious Indian Butter Chicken. The small hamburger goes great with a more traditional beverage, such as a whisky.

At Summit Bar & Terrace, on occasion, live music is performed. One of its best qualities is the top-notch service, where nothing is too much trouble for the workers. The menu is a bit costly, but it’s still worth every penny.

6. Tuğra Restaurant

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In Istanbul, Tura is the restaurant where you can feel the most like a sultan. It is housed in one of the final palaces of the Ottoman Empire. It offers authentically prepared Ottoman food. You also enjoy a magnificent view of the Bosphorus Strait. What else is there to ask for? 

Nothing compares to a pomegranate sorbet served after an organic chicken Topkap that has been filled with rice, almonds, and herbs. The best restaurant in Istanbul for a special occasion is called Tura.

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